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Shiitake is one of the oldest cultivated mushrooms in the world and also has some of the most subtantial  bodies of evidence of significant health benefits.  Shiitake has been long known in Eastern Medicine as an immune booster and is the source of lentinan, a Beta-glucan unique to this mushroom that provides much of the immune modulating effects and also shows some anit-viral and anti-microbial activity. Some other health benefits of Shiitake  include;


  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant (high source of selenium, zinc and copper)
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair growth
  • Ace inhibitor supporting healthy blood flow and blood pressure.
  • Has shown in many studies to have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties from many of the Beta-glucans present in this mushroom.


Sun Hands Farm produces all extracts with mushrooms grown here on our farm or sustainably foraged locally in Montana. All extracts consist of 100% fruitbody extraction with no myceliated grain or fillers. Lion's mane extract is produced using a dual extract method to optimize the health benefits and bioavailability of the full spectrum of compounds lion's mane has to offer.

Shiitake Extract

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