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Our mushroom varieties


Description - One of the oldest cultivated mushrooms dating back to 1209.  Rich buttery, meaty flavor not found in many other mushrooms. The height of Umami.

Preparation - Cut stems flush with bottom of cap and discard or save for drying and use as soup flavoring. Chop large caps into thin slices and saute in butter for 5-7 minutes for use as topping or through directly in with other saute ingredients. Small caps can be used whole. Great in stir fry, soups, any beef dish with gravy, or in pasta dishes.

Health Benefits

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant (high source of selenium, zinc and copper)

ACE inhibitor - healthy blood flow and pressure

Inhibits tumor growth and shows other anti-cancer potential

Great source of Beta-glucans



Description - Diverse group of species native to almost all forests around the world. Broad caps with gills running down the length of stem. Taste varies with species.

Blue, grey dove, pearl- mild slightly sweet but with distinct mushroom earthiness.

Italian white or phoenix - meatier caps that don't reduce as much with mild flavor.

Pink - seafood like flavor.

Golden- Slightly nuttier flavor resembling roasted cashew.

King- meaty flavor, with stem being choice edible part resembling scallops.

Preparation - trim away any section without gills beneath the cap base and discard or save to grind for powder. Tear along gills in thin strips or cut to desired width and throw in saute pan for 2-3 minutes before they wither. Use as topping on steak, in stir fry, pasta, on pizza or in an omelette.

Health Benefits

Anti-inflammatory due to amino acid called ergothioneine.

Low calorie but high in protein with as much per serving as eggs.

Great source of Vitamin D (mushrooms are the only non-animal source)

Great source of Beta-glucans


lion's mane

Description -Striking mushroom with sprawling teeth like growths that resemble a lion's mane. Almost identical in taste and texture to crab meat when drowned in butter. A much meatier mushroom than oyster.

Preparation - trim away any section with substrate still attached. Chop into strips resembling lumped crab meat and saute gently and incorporate into a cream sauce with pasta. Also can be sliced thin or cubed for a more meat like texture.

Health Benefits

Nootropic compounds distinct to this mushroom have low molecular weight and can cross the blood brain barrier to stimulate NGF (Nerve Growth Factor). This helps improve short term memory and other cognitive function. Can also aid in recovery from nerve damage especially in stroke victims and those with neuropathy by regenerating neurons.

Helps fight cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's.

Helps aid the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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