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Meet the Farmers

Shawn and Jennifer McDyre are the owners and operators of Sun Hands Farm in Kalispell, Montana. Shawn and Jenn both grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia where they met in 2012. In 2014, they decided the suburbs were not the right fit for the dreams of their future family and they hitched their wagons westward to Montana. They were married in 2017, and purchased the land that would soon become their farm. While neither Shawn or Jenn has a formal background in agriculture they both share a passion for local and nutritious food. Years of trying to find locally sourced and sustainably produced food lead them to make the leap into producing and ultimately committing to feeding their community the healthy and affordable food they believe all are entitled to. They are both committed to seeing a prosperous and healthy future for the Flathead Valley and would love the opportunity to share a piece of their farm with you.

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