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Lion's Mane will provide mental clarity and focus. This other-worldy mushroom resembles the mane of the mighty lion with it's tooth like spines cascading from decomposing hardwood trees in nature. Lion's Mane has quickly become a household name for it's ability to support brain and nervous system health. The list of benefits are ever growing and include;


  • Promotes mental clarity, memory and focus
  • Optimizes nervous system and immune response and aid in recovery from nerve damage.
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Contains nootropic compounds unique to this mushroom that stimulate Nerve Growth Factor.
  • Alleviates the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Sun Hands Farm produces all extracts with mushrooms grown here on our farm or sustainably foraged locally in Montana. All extracts consist of 100% fruitbody extraction with no myceliated grain or fillers. Lion's mane extract is produced using a dual extract method to optimize the health benefits and bioavailability of the full spectrum of compounds lion's mane has to offer.

Lion's Mane Extract

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