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Please join us October 1st  for an on farm Mushroom Cultivation Course taught by Shawn McDyre of Sun Hands Farm. This workshop will take place from 1:30-5 pm at Sun Hands Farm with a cost of $95 per person.

This introductory hands-on workshop will cover the cultivation of various gourmet mushroom species including oysters, shiitake, wine cap, and lion’s mane. Through this workshop students will learn low-tech methods to produce gourmet mushrooms in their own backyard through three distinctive methods including;

1. Log culture for shiitake, lion’s mane, and oyster mushrooms.

2. Straw cultivation of oysters through hot water and cold lime pasteurization.

3. Mushroom garden growing with straw or woodchips for oyster and wine cap mushrooms.

4. Supplemented sawdust cultivation of oyster, lion's mane, chestnut and more.

Participants will learn from hands on training in mushroom cultivation techniques and will also learn the basics of mushroom biology and life cycle. Throughout this workshop participants will take part in inoculation of hardwood logs with plug spawn while learning which species to choose for different mushroom varieties and how to store and care for logs for the best yields. Each participant will learn the step by step process for oyster production on pasteurized straw and will take home their own oyster log home with them for fruiting up to 2 lbs of oyster mushrooms. Finally we will discuss how to build mushroom patches in the garden or a shady spot in the yard that can passively produce dozens of pounds of oyster or wine cap mushrooms. The workshop will close with a Q&A session covering everything needed to get started on your mushroom production journey.

Each participant will go home with a choice of grain or plug spawn to begin cultivating ($25 value). Spaces are limited to 15 people for this workshop. Registration required by September 24th with no refunds for cancellations after this date.

This will be an all outdoor event so please dress accordingly and expect wet and muddy conditions. 

Mushroom Cultivation Workshop Sunday October 1st from 1:30-5pm @ Sun Hands Farm

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